Other Books


Lara’s work has appeared in several books. Her essay about race and the 2016 British referendum to leave or remain in the European Union, ‘Can this really be us?‘, appears in The Brexit Crisis: A Verso Report. The book is available as an ebook at no cost here. Other contributors include: Étienne Balibar, William Davies, Akwugo Emejulu, John R. Gillingham, Peter Hallward, Laleh Khalili, Stathis Kouvelakis, Sam Kriss, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Wail Qasim, Salvage Editors, Wolfgang Streeck and Antonis Vradis.

Brexit Verso


In 2008, her essay ‘A Charitable Apartheid’ was included in Rasna Warah’s brave and hugely important book, Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits.  Other contributors include: Sunny Bindra, Parselelo Kantai, Isisaeli Kazado, Firoze Manji, Maina Mwangi, Bantu Mwaura, Philip Ochieng, Onyango Oloo, Achal Prabhala, Victoria Schlesinger, Kalundi Serumaga, Issa G Shivji, Binyavanga Wainaina and Rasna Warah.

Miss, Merc, Misfits


In 2007, her essay ‘Reporting Africa’s Unknown Wars’ was published in Communicating War: Memory, Media and Military edited by Sarah Maltby and Richard Keeble (Abramis, 2007).

Communicating War Maltby