Criticism & commentary

[Not all of these are available online & they are not necessarily listed chronologically & certainly not everything I’ve ever written is here!]

On race and the referendum: ‘Can this really be us?‘ June 2016

Times Literary Supplement
Review David Wojnarowicz: The Waterfront Journals, Weight of the Earth and the Whitney catalogue History Keeps Me Awake at NightDismissal is policy‘ 2 January 2019
Review Alex Lemon’s memoir Feverland and James Rhodes’ Fire On All Sides: ‘Beautiful rat kings‘ 15 May 2018
Review Brian Blanchfield’s Proxies: a memoir in twenty-four attempts: ‘Of flaps and patches‘ 30 August 2017
Review Scholastique Mukasonga’s memoir Cockroaches 7 June 2017
Review JD Daniels’ The Correspondence: ‘Single white male‘ 3 May 2017
Review Petina Gappah’s short stories Rotten Row: ‘Kombi heat‘ 15 February 2017
Review Adam Brace’s play They Drink It in the Congo: ‘Nobody has to go there‘ 7 September 2016
Review Agualusa’s novel A General Theory of Oblivion: ‘Bursts of Air’ 5 August 2015
Review José Luandino Vieira’s novel Our Musseque: ‘A New Kind of Hybrid‘ 11 March 2015
Review Ondjaki’s novel Granma Nineteen and the Soviet Secret 13 August 2014
Review Maggie Gee’s novel My Driver: ‘Minerals and Men’ 3 April 2009
Review Jason Donald’s novel Choke Chain 20 February 2009
Review Aamer Hussein’s novel Another Gulmohar Tree 29 May 2009

On Calvert 22 gallery Red Africa show: ‘Things Fall Apart‘ April 2016, vol 68 no 3

On artists, journalists & witnessing suffering: ‘Eye Witness‘ June-August 2013
On Tate Modern & African art: ‘Here & There‘ March 2013
On public art & the commemoration of war: ‘One Hundred Years‘ September 2014
On the South African artist: ‘Peter Clarke‘ April 2013
On the British painter: ‘Kimathi Donkor‘ November 2012

The Salon
Fascinating interview with Tate Modern director (2011-2017) Chris Dercon in his office, December 2012

New Humanist
Essay on ‘The Death of Jimmy Mubenga‘ Spring 2015

The Guardian
All of my work in The Guardian – including pieces on Angola, Ryszard Kapuściński, theatre, marriage & the ghosts haunting Downton Abbey – is available to read in full here.

On the UK riots: ‘Riots, royal weddings and recession‘ August 2011 (also published in Portuguese with África 21)

London Review of Books
Three books reviewed in this essay on oil: ‘The Next Fix‘ 7 February 2008

Radical Philosophy
On the politics of aid in Africa: ‘You let her into the house?’ May-June 2005
On the media and Africa: ‘Hunger in Niger and Zimbabwe‘ November-December 2005

Open Democracy
All of my work for Open Democracy is available to read here.


Photo: Cine Estudio, Namibe, Angola by Lara