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on my way to The London Group

  I have lived in London, on and off, for 48 years, and I have never visited the Brompton Cemetery. Until last night.

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& something else that happened in 1977

The Jamaican government posthumously awarded Claude McKay the Order of Jamaica for his contribution to literature. McKay’s essay, Soviet Russia and the Negro, is here.

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marcelle hanselaar

Interviewed & filmed by Joseph Clarke for Hanselaar’s solo show Open Secrets at Millennium Gallery in 2014.

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Photo: mine.

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A Paris Story

‘Somebody came and sat next to Alice, on her right. Not that the place was filling up. The rows before her were still empty. Had he just entered? Perhaps he had been there all along in the dark somewhere behind … Continue reading

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quarenta anos

Jonas Savimbi, Agostinho Neto, Holden Roberto

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“images simulated, sequences shortened”

Photographs, my own. Times Square, New York, October 2015

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