Curious Doug

In the 1920s, a young British man named Aubrey Rudd went to live in Jamaica. Shortly, he moved to Cuba, where he married and had a son named Douglas. Douglas became a pilot who changed sides during the revolution. In 1961, during the Bay of Pigs, he flew a British Hawker Sea Fury plane for Castro. In 1964, however, he fell out with Castro. He was imprisoned. He escaped. He moved in with one of Castro’s ex-girlfriends, who managed to keep him out of prison. Douglas was not allowed to work, although he did receive a state salary. He stayed in Cuba until 1992. Castro’s brother, Raul, wanted to give him a medal for his role during the Bay of Pigs. But Douglas refused the medal. Instead, he went to the States. There, at a dinner party, he met another former pilot, an American who had also flown in the Bay of Pigs, but for the US government. There, Douglas had a heart attack and died.