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man & shark

Buy this, why don’t you. A fascinating book packed with photographs and a few words, all about how our taste for shark fins is destroying shark life. Produced by Paul Hilton and my old and loyal friend, Alex Hofford, whose … Continue reading

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cracking china

Great piece by Mr Miéville. Only yesterday, as I returned from a media-free week away, was I spitting over someone’s shoulder on the tube whilst reading their shoddy freeby. If they’re blood diamonds, the Evening Standard is blood paper, I … Continue reading

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Beckett in southern Africa

After I saw Endgame at the Duchess Theatre earlier this year, I wrote to the company, Complicité, and encouraged them to take the production to Angola. The Angolans, I wrote, will get Beckett in a way a lot of people … Continue reading

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casting more shadows

Perhaps I shouldn’t even be commenting on this thoughtful post by Steve Mitchelmore because I haven’t actually read the books referred to in the two pieces by Geoff Dyer and Lee Siegel. However, Steve’s piece provoked a series of thoughts … Continue reading

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