Hew Locke

I want to find out more about Hew Locke. Or, what I mean is: I want to see his work in the flesh and I want to see it now. Thanks to Matthew Kolakowski and Jane Eyton (you will never look at a 99 in the same way again) for their top tip-off on this one. They were right: I will love him. I already do. Ah! And it looks like I’m in luck. He has an exhibition at Hales Gallery in September and October this year. And he’s got something in the Royal Academy right now. But Hales will be bigger.

You can hear (and see) him talk about his work here. The piece in the V&A is superb: “It immediately led to this”. Just like that. How come I’ve only found out about Mr Locke now? Why am I so slow?

And he says, this, below, is the future. “So get used to it.”

Meanwhile, the UN is getting weirder.