limited, arrogant and self-satisfied

No, I’m not talking about him again. I’m referring to Gabriel Josipovici’s views on the state of contemporary British literature. As someone prone to so much self-doubt it’s not funny, I rather settled on this line, towards the bottom of the piece: ‘Overall, [Josipovici] said, while the likes of Kafka were plagued by self-doubt, his modern peers seemed arrogant and self-satisfied, “which is mildly depressing”.’ This makes me want to read his new book more and more. If anyone out there wants to buy me a present for any reason at all (pity, admiration, love, hate, belated birthday… I don’t care) please buy me that. I’ll love you forever.

It’s thanks to the TLS that I first encountered (belatedly I’m ashamed to say) Josipovici. His review of Beckett’s letters had me hooked and searching for more. I came across some of that here and here on Steve Mitchelmore’s fabulous blog, and then this interview at ReadySteadyBook, and another by Jeff Bursey I’ve just found here at The Quarterly Conversation.

Thanks to Nel for the heads up. (And a nod to S regarding the sensationalism, or sexing up, of this piece.)