street cleaners

‘I told Tony I told him I said I’m not coming in tomorrow if I’ve still got this trouble this blister cos it’s these new trainers they told me to wear.’

‘That’s right you’re right yeah.’

‘But look… Look here… This bit here… Look… You’re not looking mate. And you, take a look. D’you see? It’s all pink and a bit green even. D’you see? I showed Tony I showed him and I said Tony it’s not gonna work tomorrow it’s gonna hurt tomorrow I said, but he weren’t listening. D’you see.’

‘You did the right thing mate, you did the right thing. So why you come in?’

‘Well he said I should try these new trainers cos the velcro would make it easier for walking and working so I said alright, I’ll give it a go I said, I said I’d try. But you know, if he’d come to me with that I’d have told him to take a few days off coz it’s not right you should work with a sore foot when you’re working on your feet. Like today I’m driving like but on the pedal it don’t half hurt I tell you. Are you looking at how big it is. It’s big isn’t it. Like I told Tony but he just weren’t looking.’

‘You’re right that’s not right mate not right.’