banning of masturbation at middlesex

This morning I sent a letter to the sirs and madams of Middlesex University, who are in the process of closing the outstanding philosophy department there and have just suspended a whole pile of students and staff including my friend Pete Hallward. This evening I am continuing reading Susan Sontag’s superb Against Interpretation which leaves me ever more in awe of her. But oh how I regret I had not got to this paragraph sooner:

Jerking off the universe is perhaps what all philosophy, all abstract

thought is about: an intense, and not very sociable pleasure,

which has to be repeated again and again.

I would have used it in my letter which, alas, did not contain a single line in it that provided even a tenth of the pleasure of this one. The dean, though, should consider that final line again and again: philosophy has to be repeated again and again and again and again. Not stopped and banned and denied.