If you would like to adopt a clitoris.

Thanks to Rasna Warah who, among many other great things during the last few years, put me in touch with Wanjiru’s blog. Wanjiru also sends us to this site, which encourages you to send your knickers to Africa too. Yes: someone will wear your panties and rub your clitoris far away under the hot hot sun!


Responding to a growing appetite for distraction, shorthand journalistic cliché has infested our inner lives. Generally, it means we are unable to have respect for uniqueness of experience because it is summed up, packaged, placed in a captionable context. Soon this context demands total obedience; nothing else is relevant.

Indeed. For much more around this, go here.

419ers 613ers

He is almost a gentleman. Cornell, Oxford and even saving the children. They are all almost gentleman. He is. And he is. Yet still ‘corruption’ is a word associated with this part of the world, where our primary gentleman tells us* it’s “a national pastime”. So it’s worth getting the FT this weekend to remind yourself about the six hundred and thirteen billion dollars of debt, and the role of one of ‘the Big Four’ getting jiggy with the books. Quality in everything they do. No irony lost on us on the Big Four. So where’s the fifth? Strolling around a Kenya safari park somewhere? Oh, pull the other one: you’re as crooked as they come. Gettleman should go home and search his soul and his knowledge base: there is something severely missing. Instead, he probably devotes time to events like this, which seem awfully old hat under the circumstances.

* hats off to SJ for always being so alert.