Cabinda: eye-witnesses say the bus driver is alive

So here is an account of what happened when the Togolese team was attacked by, er-hum, FLEC:

‘A man (a guerrilla?) leapt into the middle of the road and signalled at the Togo team bus to stop. The motorist didn’t stop, but accelerated. So the man, the supposed FLEC rebel, shot at the driver and hit him in the belly, but not fatally. This was how the shoot out began. It lasted 15 to 17 minutes. The guerrillas, in a zone absolutely bursting with police and military, could not maintain gunfire for that amount of time: even if they had wanted, they simply don’t have that kind of ammunition to spare. Anyway, the bus was stuck in the middle of a crossfire between Angolan police and Angolan military, between those who were at the front and back of the convoy, and other military who were along the street and in the verge. This cross fire is what provoked the “massacre” of the Togolese.

‘So, the Angolan government is hiding something very serious. The driver of the bus, who has been reported dead, is alive. But he is considered to be dead because his testimony could pose something of a compromise. Better than the is not heard, just incase there is an inquiry.’


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