visiting hours from two to four

“How are all your whatsits behaving?”

“Twice yesterday.”


“Watch it. Here comes her who must be obeyed.”

“Well I got slippers anyway. Fluffy penguins from the kids.”

“Damn expensive. And the kids said they had to be Clarks did they?”

“Their mum.” She pours a glass of water.

“They still making a lot of noise at night I tell you.”

“And the frame? They use that to keep you in do they?”

“Put the sides up, that’s all. Support.”

“We all drank too much anyway.”

“Weren’t allowed anything in here.”

“Course. I don’t know how we got Lynne in though. She wanted to be in your bed.”

“You went round Linda’s for dinner then?”

“I slept on the armchair in the sitting room.”

“You never went to bed?”

“Watched TV through the night. It was Christmas wasn’t it.”