voices from my past

Excited and juddery and jittery about Glass Hombre. I want to say ‘there’s quite a lot of inspirational stuff in there’ but that makes me sound like someone in search of selfhelp. It’s more like a small shot of acid into the arm. I get that feeling when I read Beckett too. Thanks to MJH for the link.

Thinking about the BBC having read this little post & heard the programme: one of the awful things that used to happen to me when I worked at the Beeb was sitting infront of the mic. My voice – already pretty fucking plummy – would go through the roof of plumminess. I became the BBC. It was as if every vein, every cell of my body was suddenly saturated with Mark Thompson, Greg Dyke, John Simpson and and and… God. Speaking into those BBC mics, in a studio with the green or blue canvas table top beneath one’s elbows, does something to everyone who goes near. You feel as if you are the embodiment of sane objective broadcasting and that this Is A Good Thing. Perhaps it is like the athletes who weep when they hear the national anthem from the podium. Even if they loath much of what Britain stands for, they’ve been wired to weep just as the Beeb mics are wired to turn us all into Sarah Montague.