He’s done it again. Thirty years after coming to power, he has won the support of his comrades to just keep on going. There’s a nice piece by Reginaldo da Silva, a wise and knowing Angolan journalist for whom I’ve got a lot of respect, although I’m not quite sure that I follow his argument about an opposition. It’s true it was a small minority of the (alleged total) number of MPLA militants who had the chance to vote, nevertheless only 1.3% of those with the vote chose to vote against one of the most impressive dictators around. By any kind of math, that’s pretty bloody poucochinho! But at least the international community – sorry, I mean the USA and the UK and certain other European states – will be happy that they still have the same man at the helm. What did you say about Zimbabwe? Oh, be off with you, imbecile. It’s completely different. They haven’t got any oil, silly. We believe in democracy. And they did have a secret vote. So what more do you want?

You must now do as you are told, even if it is snowing.

(Incase you don’t know me & have misunderstood this: I have a huge internal tension about all of this because I am not in favour of democracy per se, and increasingly have come to think that some kind of dictatorship is probably increasingly necessary if we are to survive in any way that is vaguely humane. What I dislike intensely is the hypocrisy of the West’s approach to various African states. When you look at certain facts, the leader of Angola and Zim have a hell of a lot in common. Not that you’d know that if you read the British press or if you listened to that corporation.)