co habit II

Adding to thoughts on gayness, sexness, sexlessness and new ways of living etc (as mentioned in post below), Dominic Fox – who has a very impressive website here (with poems, blogs and a whole lot more) and who has written this book here, which I want to read soon as soon as I get a tenner for Christmas (amazon is selling it for a fiver, and I’m sure it must be worth more than that) – recommends further reading with this:

and then also this:

And adds that he ‘felt a sort of sympathetic stirring towards Greif’s claim that “[sex] makes you love people, and accept the look and difference of their bodies”, not because it’s always or necessarily true but because the way in which it sometimes turns out to be true is not dissimilar to the way in which our other utopian impulses are sometimes realised: haphazardly and without guarantee, and often against considerable resistance’.

And he also – oh yes – sent this:

which he says is ‘just for badness’, though I’m not entirely 100% sure if he means naughtiness or crapness. I think the former.