Angola blog

At last Rafael has begun his blog. About bloody time too! Maka Angola is in English and Portuguese so many people can read it without any problems. And should. Rafael is an excellent reporter and investigator, who gets information that most of the rest of us can only fantasise about. After he’s dug up corruption among the Angola elite, I hope he’ll start digging over here, in our City, for example, finally putting paid to the notion that worthy Westerners must put Africa straight. The real revolution is coming… and remember, you heard if here first.

I should have said that Raf’s blog ironically coincides with an intriguing event: the Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos (ZeDu), declaring zero tolerance on corruption. What? I hear you Angolans shout! Yes, Zedu says no more corruption will be tolerated. There have been some marvelous and funny comments about this on certain facebook pages.