Texts’ Bones

‘When I was young I thought that words meant something; now it seems that meaning is the last things words are required to do; semantics getting in the way of honest, playful textual decoration – and here is me without overalls or wallpaper table to hand.’

Twelve short stories inside The Facebook of Dr Caligari has just been published by SKREV PRESS thanks to the sweat, blood and caffeine intake of editor and also poet, Daithidh MacEochaidh. If you want to buy the book, drop Daithidh an email, details on the SKREV site. One of those short stories is mine, and first came to life via Barbara Campbell’s 1001 nights arts project. Thanks to Dai Vaughan whose interview at Ready Steady Book led me to Daithidh’s work and on to SKREV. I’ve recently read Vaughan’s Germs, which I loved, and was recently given his latest novel, The Treason of Sparrows, which has a splendid first line: I’m an old man and I want to scream. Shame I missed the launch here.