Israel & Angola

I’ve only just found this, having entered into conversations with the author, an interesting journalist by the name of Yotam Feldman who works for Haaretz. It’s a nice piece, and I hope he writes more. I hope, in particular, that an Israeli journalist might find out for us whether it really was the Israelis who killed Jonas Malheiro Savimbi. How I wish I’d met him. How I wish. I remember feeling sick with regret the day I heard he died. I was in Lisbon, interviewing Unita members, when the news came through that he had been killed. We turned on the television and watched the images of this extraordinary rebel leader, his heavy bullet-holed corpse being dragged and dropped infront of the cameras in eastern Angola. I felt sick for all the Angolans who’d been killed in the war for it to end with such a pathetic sight. A vacuum suddenly sucked through decades of lives and history and memories. Just for this. Shot dead to nothing. It was a tragic and awful day. Not tragic for Savimbi’s loss of life but for so much loss of life that ended in one miserable body being pushed about the floor for the cameras. Oh my god, I felt sick. And I saw grown men in Lisbon weeping and collapsing to the floor, unable to contain the years of waiting for the war to end, for a better Angola, only for it to end like this.