racist stereotyping on channel four

These people don’t want to look white. They don’t want to look Western. They want to look like photoshopped pictures that appear in magazines. It’s an outrage that Channel Four could present a documentary that is absent of any serious analysis or reflection about race, but also about consumerism and perfection. We all live amidst the pressure to look like botox beings, regardless of colour. White people aren’t the only people who have long legs. Lots of white people are short and fat or knock-kneed. White people don’t all have chiselled chins and jaws and noses. A growing number of white westerners are obese. And there’s no such thing as an African look or an African body. It’s nonsense. Have none of these people been to Ethiopia?

Is the BNP funding this show?

There is real racism in this country. Of course there is. But the people in these programmes want to look like animated stars on computer games. Their desire to be white is a desire to look like an image in a magazine or an advert, a faked image. And Channel Four is, for some bizarre reason, promoting the idea that white equals Angelina Jolie. (Where did she get those lips?) Scream it: a defined jaw is not mainstream!

Wee bit sinister: isn’t that man doing the skin lightening a South African? Or is that just me?