world brand programme

I must sign up to that anger management programme this week.


a marxist revolutionary married a woman

in white

in a church just a few months after

Iain Sinclair agreed to work for Audi and

a couple

of weeks before Evan Davis muttered patronisingly about the impunity of another one of

these corrupt African leaders

so unlike

all those other leaders like

Kissinger (and here and here and here)

who John Humphreys juxtaposed in another context


the Today team apparently

never noticing the irony or

downright ignorance and


of their foolish presenters and editors

during the last three minutes of their morning show today. So

a couple of ex-BBC journos promoting aid agency branding

in Eastern Congo whilst

Alain de Botton

scrabbles about to give Heathrow a boost



not worth getting angry about.