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“Eh-oh, Laa-Laa”

‘In this sense, & in lots of others, the UK outdoors has been moved relentlessly indoors over the last two and half decades.’ Indeed. And in a related shift, so the indoors has been moved relentlessly outdoors. We now carpet … Continue reading

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all an atheist can hope for

I’m enjoying a lot of music again, forgetting how much I used to listen to music then stopped listening and now am listening again. I heard Soweto Kinch at a Patrick Neate booklaunch a cupplamunthsago, and enjoyed. I wasn’t so … Continue reading

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BT customer care

‘Hello. I’m moving house and I’d like to take my phone number with me.’ ‘Sure . . . ‘Running through the checks on your new house, it doesn’t appear to have a BT line.’ ‘Oh dear.’ ‘But don’t worry because … Continue reading

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world brand programme

I must sign up to that anger management programme this week. Elsewhere, a marxist revolutionary married a woman in white in a church just a few months after Iain Sinclair agreed to work for Audi and a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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sensitive group sex

Back to the Vortex in Dalston for the second time in a less than a single week, drawn like a paper clip to the magnet that is Hannah Marshall’s musical talents. This time she was playing with Mopomoso (also here), … Continue reading

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promised publications

A review here of Another Gulmohar Tree by Aamer Hussein. Only just spotted. Ah, and mysteriously, only just vanished. A subscription problem I suspect. Never mind. Maybe it will mysteriously reappear again.

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