digress again

“But there are many who say Žižek’s a sell-out but it’s hard to know what they really mean in this particular time and place.”

“At least he never used Lacanian theory to help companies sell deodorant in Russia. Like I have.”

“If you buy a piece of cake and a cup of tea or coffee you can make a saving of £1.20…”

“It’s been shown, did you know this, that traders in the city produce too much testosterone. If there were more women, or all women, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. And the reason for this is that men tend to behave like sheep, in groups or herds if you prefer, and testosterone encourages this. Likewise, when things are going badly – now, for instance – they produce more cortisol and behave like frightened sheep. More women would resolve this problem. Or just people who are prepared to think as individuals, not collectively.”

“The reason old women have long slits in their ear lobe is because the ear and the nose never stop growing.”

“Well I ate dog poo as a child and it never did me any harm.”