goodbye goodbye

It seems appropriate, as I sit watching the television, hoping to witness the first African American becoming leader of the USA, to point this out about the BBC’s coverage of the elections in the USA. These are the people I have seen presenting and reporting the BBC 1 and 2 coverage so far tonight (to make it more fun, try and see if you can spot anything these people might have in common):

David Dimbleby

Jeremy Vine

Matt Frei

Huw Edwards

John Simpson

Matthew Price

Justin Webb

Gavin Hewitt

Extraordinary really. It’s 2008. The Americans have a black man running for president. By the time you read this, he might already be president. Meanwhile, the BBC is churning out all of its usual white middleclass and often old men to do the big job. The women are being kept firmly on local domestic news. As for the few black reporters the BBC might have… I have no idea.

Oh, hang on, a blonde woman called Katty has just appeared, with long yellow hair. Ah, it’s ok! David D has just dispensed with her in a matter of seconds. Phew.


3 thoughts on “goodbye goodbye

  1. Lara,

    You leaving us when the fun already started? Bist Du ein Spielverderber?

    I like to hear your opinion on Obama’s 6 months in the office.

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