Something on Angolagate at Comment is Free. Shame it is in a way (free, that is) judging by the level of comments coming in from a few clever-clogs with nothing better to do. The knowingness of people, eh. Never ceases… And the strange one who implies I think the French are the only greedy foreigners who made money out of Angola. She/he correctly cites the Cubans as having benefitted too – indeed, she’s right, and it is something I have written about myself. Anyway, I did have a line in there about Mark Thatcher, another son of another former European leader. But the lawyers must have taken it out. Shame. All this makes me ask myself, once again, what is the point of writing anything less than several thousand words? Readers assume you are claiming the final word on the entire range of the subject, regardless of the fact you have 800 words only. What’s the matter with everyone? Aren’t readers prepared to use their brains when they digest news and comment? In this case the subject matter is France and Angola. Not Spain and Angola, or Britain and Angola, or even (really) Israel (ponder the multi-national Gaydamak’s role) and Angola. Wake up, dear public. Wake up. And go spend your bitter energy elsewhere. Throw a brick through a bank. Don’t throw it at me (unless you’ve done a bit more research about my work first and still feel you hate me)!


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  1. Thanks for the article. Just a couple of points that sprang to mind;
    – I was interested to read this week that France’s principal economic partners in Africa are 1. Nigeria, 2. South Africa, 3. Angola, and only 4. Ivory Coast. The old colonies are important but new relationships seem to be more so.

    – on my information, it’s not correct to say that Simone Gbagbo and minister Bouabre received a summons. It’s murky, but it seems no such summons was ever issued (they were never received, didn’t follow diplomatic channels, and the judge refuses to repond to questions on whether they were issued). The RFI report on the matter was a ‘tip-off’ for a high-ranking source that may have been more about throwing something into the mix (while at the same time injuring RFI’s reputation).

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