taxi II

“We’ve always been in the middle. First we weren’t white enough, now we’re not black enough. And that Zuma! Ugck! He’s really dirrible. Only wants to help his own people, the Zulus. What about us? What about us? You know what we’re called don’t you? The coloureds. I’m coloured. I’ve been waiting for a house for eight years. Eight years. But I’m not black enough.”

“So where do you live?”

“Oh, out there! Over there! You can’t even see it from here. I rent, lady. I rent. It’s not so bad, you know, but I want my own house and the government won’t give me one because I’m not black enough. But it’s all about the little ones isn’t it, in the end, about the little ones. We do what we do for the little ones, for the future, not for ourselves. If my kids will have a house one day, of their own, I’ll be satisfied. Then all this driving driving driving will have been worth it. But this country! Akgh! It will niver change. Niver. The whites still the same whites they always were. The only difference is the blacks have power. And then they go and put Zuma in.”

“So which party do you support?”

“Well I can’t support the ANC. No ways, lady. And I won’t support the DA. So I’m left with our little party. It’s like a little muslim party for coloureds and muslims. At least they are interested in my interests. That’s all we can hope for. But you know this country will niver change. It was better under apartheid. People say you shouldn’t say that but I say it. It was better. More jobs. Better schools. Better transport. And less of this corruption all the time. And look at these shacks. Look at these. This is the Joe Slovo settlement. When it rains these people are living in water. In lakes. They’ve got nowhere to go. Why doesn’t the government build new towns? We’ve got so much land. Why don’t they build new towns in those spaces? And put in new courts of law, and new malls, big shopping malls, and new hospitals? Then the people wouldn’t mind moving further away? And I’ve forgotten now. Where did you say you were going? Yah, we’re nearly there. Almost there. Is it like this then in Angola?”


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  1. Kaapstad, indeed, Sean. But what do you mean, exactly? I can think of a number of ways that they are like each other… but I’d like to hear more from you. What do you mean?

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