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Is it possible to have a crush on a blog? Well, yes, it is. I wish I’d produced yesterday’s IT. It’s brilliant. Woeful Wednesday. Except I read it on Thursday. Notice I say, it’s brilliant, not you. The crush is on the blog. Firmly, the blog. I want to be it. Is this what true blogging is about? When you find yourself wanting to be a blog? Is this what my life has come to? Some sort of blogging blush, an epiphany in which the blogger learns to understand what is a truly brilliant blog? I’ve already started thinking about my top 10 favourite blogs of 2008. I lay in bed this morning, at 4.30am, listening to a hadeda crash-landing onto our roof. He then started to scream…

… and I thought of my favourite blogs and how I could become one of them. Actually, it made me very happy, just thinking about it. That’s when I realised it was a crush. And like all crushes, it’s embarrassing. And will pass. And then what?

I understand the hadeda.


8 thoughts on “infinitely excellent

  1. “Be the blog…” Very Zen. And probably, actually, not a bad mantra for any blogger wanting to blog better.

    We don’t have hadedas. We do have very large and squealy fruit bats, and a six-foot python who lives in an abandoned house just up the road. And possums. The possums I understand.

  2. I am imagining that you look like this wonderful bird that crashed and screamed, although in the picture it stands elegantly collected, not to mention shimmering iridescently. No doubt, in your blushing state, you are similar.

  3. I like the idea of being Zen, robgcook, though I’m absolutely not at all.

    And Mia, the similarities between me and a hadeda are limited: a big clumsy bird that makes a lot of noise.

  4. Now I’m jealous of my own blog! And that is a very weird feeling…Perhaps my blog could have an autonomous crush on yours as well, which would make the whole thing perhaps neither embarrassing nor fleeting. What am I saying…Amusingly enough, although not for me, I blush all the time in ‘real life’. It makes teaching difficult, sometimes.

  5. IT would retaliate by blog-sleeping with, erm, I dunno, An und für sich? Mmm, fürry.

    Hey, you’re back aren’t you. Come and meet me! I am not as good as my blog but my blog could never buy you coffee. My extended mind is beginning to ache…

  6. Now hold on… I’ve already got into trouble for claiming to have slept with Lenin’s Tomb (see, I’m basically a blog stalker), and it was suggested to me by a jealous blog that I should get myself a white top with the words ‘I screwed Lenin and all he gave me was this lousy T-shirt’ printed in large red capitals. At least then IT wouldn’t miss me in the café. But can a blog wear a T-shirt?

    Quite right. Quite enough of this. May it end forthwith.

    But I am still in Johannesburg: both of us, that is, unstrung and I. We will be back in the haven of corruption in mid-October, by which time the crush will have passed and a coffee would be lovely…

  7. Oh, October! I read your last very good post (that’s me speaking, not IT) as if you were already back. How unpoetic of me. I look forward to it.

    I doubt IT will let unstrung give up on the crush though, seeing as it’s a fragile monster built on tears and the broken glass of a pathetic ego (IT, that is)…but enough of this! It’s a shame you’re not here to see Canary Wharf, but I doubt things will have not gotten worse by the time you’re back.

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