something new

is here.

Meanwhile – I love this – these are some of the searches that have brought you to me:

how to find the clitoris without looking

this may sound strange and unbelievable

helicopter society and the institute of

yellow and black flags

what does angola need

fortune of eduardo dos santos

And I’ve been thinking about these. The idea that anyone thinks they can find what Angola needs on the internet should never be allowed near the country. Ever. A quick Google, stick some money in an envelope, and send it to some NGO. Oh dear oh dear. What will become of all these paternalist beings desperate to feel sorry for Africa. Go away, I tell you, Go away! And as for the clitoris: I have this image of a woman desperately trying to bend her creaking back far enough to see her clitoris, but unable to get there. She finds a mirror perhaps, and struggles with the hair. Strange and unbelievable.

And for those of you who read Portuguese, read this today, by my friend Wilson Dad√° in Angola, a man I very much admire.

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