red, yellow, black

You are watching the television. It’s evening. You’ve finished dinner, and are sipping on tea, or a beer, perhaps a whisky. Your children might be asleep, your lover might have popped out. You are watching the news of your nation, alone, in your small front room. A peaceful hour to yourself, to sit and see what is happening in your country. There is music and a picture of the globe, spinning spinning spinning then stopping on the continent of Africa. There is your nation, in the bottom third on the left. And here’s the presenter, a large woman with golden skin and a huge smiling mouth, a deep strong voice, a woman you trust because you’ve seen her in a glossy magazine about local celebrities. She featured – a single mum – with her two kids. She’s strong and determined. She’s making it alone out there. She takes you through the stories of the day. She guides you around the country, dropping in on small towns all about the place where senior leaders have passed through. Her colleagues have done good film work. Here’s the Supreme Leader of the People’s Most Trusted Guide standing on a stage infront of a microphone perched on a tall metal pole just in front of his mouth. The Supreme Leader of the People’s Most Trusted Guide is wearing a baseball hat in the colours of the nation which are also the colours of the Supreme Leader of the People’s Party. Red, yellow, black. The Supreme Leader of the People’s Most Trusted Guide (SLPMTG) wears the baseball caps with pride, and he wears a thick T-shirt also richly coloured in red, yellow, and black, which stretches over his large, firm belly. In his hand, he holds a flag which is also in the colours of the Supreme Leader of the People’s Party: red, yellow and black. The SLPMTG is shouting to his Brothers! His Sisters! His Children! His People! His Party! The Liberators! of The Nation! As he shouts, he waves his flag and the colours of the flag ripple with the colours of his cap, and his shirt. The camera pans around to the cheering Brothers! Sisters! Children! and Liberators! of The Nation! They too are wearing baseball caps in the colours of the Supreme Leader of the People’s Party – red, yellow, and black; they too are wearing T-shirts in those colours; they too are waving flags in those colours – red, yellow and black. It is a beautiful sight, a colourful and exciting sight of excited people dressed in harmony with the colours of The Nation and The Party. The camera sweeps back to the stage, where the SLPMTG is now standing holding a large box. It must be heavy, for he is bending a little and has had to give his flag to an assistant. From the right of the frame, comes a Brother! from the People! As the Brother walks towards the SLPMTG, his Brothers! and Sisters! and Children of The Nation! cheer even louder. The camera swings back to them, to their cheering, and they have all raised their red, yellow and black flags and are waving them in a frenzy, shouting, cheering, smiling. The camera swings back to the stage, where the SLPMTG is now pushing the large box into the arms of the Brother! of The Nation! The camera zooms in on the box. A photograph on the side of the box shows a large desk-top computer and keyboard. The SLPMTG is giving this to the Brother! of The Nation! The crowd roars! Flags ripple and rattle in a frenzied shaking and applause. The camera pans out, showing a long line of Brothers! and Sisters! of the Nation! all queueing up to collect their desk top computer. The sound fades away, and we are back in the studio, our golden female presenter explaining, “These are the Youth of the Supreme Leader of the People’s Party. These are the Youth who liberated our Nation. They are being rewarded.” Our golden lady opens her face to a vaster smile than she has ever offered before. Her eyes twinkle, and for the first time, you notice a shining from her lips, a thick gloss that covers her beautiful pink lips. Your fingers are touching your own. Your drying lips. It crosses your mind to make sure you find some thick gloss in the morning on the way to work.


2 thoughts on “red, yellow, black

  1. Lara–you have been discussing life with your darker imp again, haven’t you?
    First thing in the morning here in NYC getting a bit of that mainlined into the brain-who knows how that color will seduce itself into my own palette.

  2. Darker imp, et moi? Jamais! But I’m delighted you’re mainlining it? For that is how it feels watching it: being mainlined. Why didn’t I think of that?

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