‘There is no control if you are not independent. They go out with who they want, off for the whole weekend without you knowing where they are. They have many other women and you don’t know who they are. But he buys you a bag of mealie meal or a 2kg chicken from his shop and so you don’t complain. Whether to worry about a husband or a job first. Which should it be?’

‘The job.’

‘Yes. The job. If you are a woman with your own money, no man is going to treat you like that. They only treat you like that if they know you are poor. And I don’t want to die in a shack. I don’t want that. A shack. When the storms come, you don’t know if your roof will blow off, and in the night if it blows away, you can’t find it. And it’s dangerous to go after your roofing pieces in the night with the storm, and the wind, and the thunder.’

‘It’s frightening even inside a house. A proper house.’

‘But some people are cruel. The world is cruel. There are the rich and the poor. And the rich forget about the poor. Even people become more cruel the richer they become. They don’t even want you to have lunch.’