from North America

‘I have been thinking. I have been using this time to think. All these years, thinking. And now I have learned that the world is about the corporate. If I am to succeed in anything, I must join the corporate. I must become the corporate. I never realised this was the case in the West. I didn’t realise what was going on abroad, beyond the borders of [my country in southern Africa], but I have seen now. It is about the corporate. About money. I now know how I can continue. I know how I have to continue. We have to make money. We have to be involved in business. Otherwise I will fail.’

‘I’m not sure I agree. I’ve gone the other way. Retreated from the world. What you have said seems to be the truth, but I can’t accept it so I’m retreating.’

‘No. We have to accept it. Otherwise we will not get anywhere. We have to accept it. I’ve realised what I was doing wrong all those years.’


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