who is interested in the politics of ‘democratisation’, the politics of the United States, the politics of the international media, and how power is maintained and manipulated should read this.

And everyone who prefers propaganda, smarmy self-congratulatory hyperbole from the man the BBC say is their Best, read – if you really must – this. Keep a bucket close to hand, mind you, in case you have the same response as one angry Brit: ‘I can’t believe we pay this fucker’s wages. Never mind Jeremy Clarkson, the National Lottery Live, and all the rest of the shit: this is just pure US propaganda.’


Another, quoting Mr Frei, said: “‘Books and syringes don’t feed people. But they do make them healthy and clever enough to know what they are missing.’ What, America’s fabulous fuck-you health insurance policies? Give me a break.” Mr Frei, Mr Frei… oh dear, oh dear.