what is going on

It is less what does happen than what does not, what does change than what does not. If you keep looking hard, listening hard, thinking hard, you will notice that the large adjustments are in fact only very miniscule alterations of the overall illusion of the bigger picture. The participating peoples of the planet are only really partaking in the image that is (re)presented with the help of a presenter presenting what we are promised is the present. But what is really happening is what is happening inside the body. All else is an illusion. The great changes result in no change, which is not controversial when you speak to the individuals who represent the majority. There are no great changes, they will say. They will show you this with examples in their day to day lives and it becomes harder and harder to refute, so one must return to the presenter. Without the mediation there would not be chaos but there would be crisis and more depression. More people would break down. Less people would marry. Fewer people would work. Which is why the mall is so important. The mall provides us with a reason to live: to reach the mall. Forever treading and turning to reach the mall. Everything else is part of oblivion. This is what the media should be reporting. The oblivion. Not the figures and the comings and goings and the crashes. The oblivion. That is where lies the truth. This is where, what and who we are. Of course if the media mediated on the oblivion it wouldn’t be oblivion any more. So best leave oblivion oblivious. Isn’t that what we are doing anyway?

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  1. surely there is no (absolute truth) and equally there is no “now” or present in real time terms. Is it not rather like Heraclitus’ river?

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