dustin writes, breathless

hello madam,
please i do want you to know in God name that we are contacting you base on this business transaction because someone has to be contacted we know you may wonder why you are chosen or contacted since we do not know each other before but someone has to be chosen please. i am the only son of my late father who was the then owner of diamond coporation in my country the war zone sierra leon before he was killed. my late father was a very rich and traditional african who made a lot of money from the sales of diamonds. before my late father was killed he deposited €15 million euro with a safe house and my mane was use as the next of kin over here in ghana. he kept the money in two trunk boxes before he made the deposit and the content were registerd as family treasury not cash as not to raise an eye brow on him. my late father happend to sell diamonds to foreign buyers on shore before he was killed this way he made fortune to himself. before the death of my late father we had already flew from our country to Abidjan because of the civil war and after the death of my late father my late father lawyer brought to us some vital document stating my father kept this money with a safe house company in ghana and immidiatley we rush to ghana for the cliam of the treasure and we were told to provide other document proving to them that i am the next of kin and death certificate of my late father and all the document that was given to my late father by the company at the time my late father deposited the boxes with the company. these document were provided by us but there was no way we could cliam the boxes since my late father had already registerd the boxes unexpress transfer to leave africa before he died and it is a pit my mother can not speak english so we need your assistance to help us stand as a foreign partner to my late father who will help us receive the boxes and invest this money for us after we come and meet wisely out side of africa for us. my mother said that if you can help us that after the company deliver the boxes to you that she is willing to give out 25% of the total money in the boxes for your assistance to us. please, thank you. Dus Dustin