from my office window

Dressed in baggy brown trousers, and a baggy brown T-shirt with something printed across the front, a man of about my age stands, bored (he has a hand on a resting hip and is looking away from the scene), on one side of a sloping corrugated iron roof which is at least nine storeys high. That’s nine high storeys because the building is an office and judging from the size of the windows, it has high ceilings. He’s just standing there, barefoot, watching his partner in blue overalls and an orange helmet finish some drilling. They look as though they are screwing in a new piece of corrugated iron. It’s been raining a lot; perhaps there’s been a leak. The man in brown is fidgeting, walking back and forth across a few slices of the iron, the sloping iron, as if frustrated by his colleague’s work pace. After about ten minutes they both stand up and discuss something. The man in blue overalls fiddles with a long electric flex, which I’m presuming is attached to his drill. They talk for three minutes or so, and then, a little resigned, wander along the roof towards another section of roof, also sloping, which they saunter down until they are about three more steps from the edge (from falling nine storeys down to the concrete floor), and then they start talking again. They talk for a further two minutes, and then the man in brown seems to realise he’s forgotten something. He turns, walks back up the roof, on to the other bit of roof, and collects a small broken piece of corrugated iron. He then turns back again, to walk back to his colleague. As he approaches the second sloping roof (for the second time), he drops the broken bit of iron by mistake. It slides down the roof towards the drop (of no return). About one foot from the drop, it slides to a halt. The man in brown walks after it, right up to it, bends down, picks it up, turns and walks back up the second bit of sloping roof, towards a small window. The man in blue has already vanished. The man in brown bends down, and slides head first through the window.