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On top of the wall of the walled garden behind St John’s church in central Hackney, a large grey squirrel is eating a chicken drumstick. A few minutes’ walk away, in front of the Town Hall, two men are twisting … Continue reading

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last night

‘So, you think you can fictionalise Africa?’‘Sorry?’Silence.‘Well, no, I’m not sure. What I think is that the journalist’s mantra of objectivity is false. There is no objective truth. What interests me is the area of doubt, and the idea that … Continue reading

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33 minutes

6.40am: the 242 bus is passing. Two women are walking to work across the road, and a younger woman with a rucksack is walking, perhaps, to holiday. On Radio 4, a very matter of fact reporter called Jill, in Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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Enid Blyton’s secrets

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Enid Blyton’s Mature Lover’s Book. Sitting in a basket on the floor in the second-hand section. The man next to me was telling two chattery ladies about the value of second-hand … Continue reading

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ego ergo erection

As if it weren’t bad enough discovering you’ve been found by someone searching erections, you realise that the real voyeur is right there gazing back at you from the screen. The erection looking back at itself. It’s the counter. If … Continue reading

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is best

You have become Westernised, sir. Definitely Westernised. You are no longer in a position to return to your homeland, a third world country where people live basic lives, because you have been living our ways for too long. Our ways. … Continue reading

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just looking

Boys in the skate-park off Portobello Road. Watching through bars at their focus, their passion, nostalgic for the obsessions of her own childhood that took her away from home, away from family, into a world of her own where only … Continue reading

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