one view of Cabinda, 6th August at 6am

The ROC-owned

rig had
directionally drilled
the Massambala-1 exploration,
in the Cabinda South
onshore Angola,
to final Total Depth of
two thousand one hundred and ninety two metres
rotary table
completed wireline logging. The
current operation
at the,
is preparing to drill a shallow side

Current interpretation of the results of the drilling and wireline logging programme suggest that… good oil shows were observed… and of particular interest are anomalous log responses… AND… the 20 metre interval of most interest exhibits good to excellent potential reservoir quality with 18 metres (90%) net sand with an average porosity of about 27%.

Commenting on the results of Massambala-1, ROC’s CEO, Dr John Doran, stated that:

“Because we are at the beginning of a big drilling campaign, it is essential that we try to nail the exact nature of the shallow oil zone at Massambala-1 as soon as possible because if it proves to be producible, the upside potential is well worth chasing.”


3 thoughts on “one view of Cabinda, 6th August at 6am

  1. This announcement is neither here nor there. Need to wait for the side track to determine if this is commercial.

  2. By ‘commercial’ I take it, anonymous, you mean profitable? You mean, by that, whether the oil is pumping or not I suspect. No oil in the barrel means neither here nor there. Yup? I suspect there are many Cabindans who would take a different view on what is neither here nor there in their enclave.

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