stop making such heavy weather

Some small satisfaction watching the great British public of Gloucestershire queueing for their two packs of water from the supermarket, an image we so often slap on to another continent. And see how quickly the GBP start to take more than the allocated amount (two packs per household, according to the BBC). Cameras caught several families dashing off with four or five or six, or as many as they can carry. Police were brought in to keep things under control, and insist that no one’s been stealing. We’re British, of course! We don’t steal! Watching some of the images, I wondered how soon it would take for the society that claims it has such wonderful values to defend, to collapse into chaos, theft, looting and fighting.

Our expertise at ignoring climate change – so busy as we are stamping out smoking – will no doubt see weather patterns continue to alarm us. But we’ll still keep flying all over the place and buying huge 4X4s – because we can. And now the government’s thinking of building homes on flood plains too. Never mind.

Meanwhile, on another channel, cameras filmed Zimbabweans queueing for margarine, with policeman with batons on hand just in case anyone gets too greedy. No pretence there then. The BBC reporter, Peter Biles, speaking from Johannesburg, concluded that Zimbabwe is a country that has no hope left. Officially hopeless.