eight years ago, today

… convoy of 80 vehicles on road – Lucala to Samba Caju – 30 destroyed, most burned including a Caritas vehicle… unknown number of victims. Most were trucks transporting humanitarian aid. Bishop of Uige says many are dead. Says, ‘the route is known to be dangerous & has been badly affected by attacks and ambushes.’ Also says, ‘this will provoke more hunger + misery, when so much already exists. It’ll discourage truck drivers from travelling and will add to the chain of problems of the population.’

get more info, need more.

… UNITA website says there were 58 govt. milit. trucks travelling from Lucala to Samba Caju, & so says their forces attacked them to head off planned military offensive against rebels

… the EU says helping with reconstruction project in Benguela.

… write s.thing on massacres? lies? problem: reporting reports?