So it’s true. You do have to detach yourself to some extent. I’m having to anyway. But is it a price worth paying? Listening to Teta Landu and MCK and Manecas Costa, and this music always has the same effect. The tears rise and I have to really fight to stay in control. I don’t fully understand why. Inspiration, maybe. MCK inspires me. His courage, his frankness, his youth. I hear my own easy ambitious anger in him, but perhaps that’s going with age. No, please. Take anything you want from me, but not the anger. That goes, you might as well take the lot. Teta Landu. What is it about this man’s songs? They take me to the idealism of his earlier days, and the turning of sadness, the change. The beginnings of the betrayal. Maybe.

Meanwhile, try this for a bit of detachment from reality.