Third day without electricity. The garage is on its seventh. Privilege provides a generator. It rumbles, but brings us wireless internet, a shower and toast. It also stops the food going off. You forget that if you always have electricity, but if you don’t, the first thing is food. What will we do with the food?

If you have a fridge.

Reading Caras which is exactly the same as Hello, Ola and all those other magazines that love to love the rich who love themselves. Famous people (or not so famous), pretty women (and not so pretty), and powerful men (and some simply desperate to be powerful) all feature. Caras never hides what its interested in. It does what it does extremely well. It worships privilege. So much so that on the exceptionally rare occasions that it features the non-privileged it insists on emphasising its editorial line: we are not interested in anyone who isn’t ‘someone’. Gazing at a photograph in the middle pages of issue no 112 from January this year, I got stuck on a particular photograph. A good-looking man, Lázaro, has his arms around ‘two admirers’. Nameless admirers. They are the only people in the all of the photographs (other than the ads) who are not named. Even children are named in Caras. But these two ladies didn’t cut the mustard. They are the masses, they are the public, they don’t have names. They are just there to admire the names. They each had a pile of sarongs and towels on their heads. I wonder if Lázaro or the Caras team bought one.

Eating Cadury’s Fruit & Nut. Nice. Listening to a very good Angolan rapper, MCK, who I’m going to meet soon. His music is excellent. When I bought the CD, the man selling it to me said: ‘Cool, MC K, he speaks the truth’. He definitely doesn’t mince his words. He says what he thinks. And he’s very astute. MCK, pronounced M-C-Kappa. The album is called Nutrição Espiritual. It’s got a great mix with some Salif Keita music. A few years ago, a boy was killed (allegedly) for singing MC K’s music while washing someone’s car. Witness fear meant the case was never resolved in court. Imagine that. Singing a song. A song. Here’s some words from a track, Silence also speaks:

We’ve got more weapons than dolls
We’ve got fewer universities than nightclubs
More canteens than libraries
The people know the truth…