on the beach

‘What really makes me sick is the way the international community tell local people how they should behave.’
‘What d’you mean?’
‘They criticise Angolans who criticise their country. They tell Angolans that they shouldn’t criticise their own country, or they try to tell them how to do it.’
‘When you say the international community, who do you mean?’
‘What? All foreigners?’
‘No! These diplomats, aid workers – some of them, consultants… People who think they know better.’
‘Ah. Do they all do that?’
‘No! But a lot of them do. And then you get people from abroad – foreigners – coming here and criticising the place.’
‘And you think they shouldn’t?’
‘Hey, I don’t mind so much about that, but some of them get paid a hell of a lot of money to criticise: money which could be used to fund Angolans who are already doing the criticising. And d’ you know what?’
‘I wouldn’t want foreigners coming to my country and telling me how to criticise. I can do it quite well without other people telling me how I should do it.’
‘So what are you doing here?’