anxiety of freedom

On the 38 bus, I read this piece – part profile, part interview – about the Argentinian novelist and journalist, Tomás Eloy Martínez. I want to quote a few things he said here.’A large part of Argentinian history concludes with an act of violence. The dictatorship ended with a war – the Malvinas – with 30,ooo desaparecidos in the concentration camps. All stories are contaminated with violence.’
‘If you hear a tango, the whole country comes back to you.’
‘To write a novel is to be free – with all the anxiety of freedom.’
‘Most crimes happened because people were afraid and protected themselves instead of defying and challenging power. I left because I could leave – most Argentinians weren’t so lucky.’ Although the Review section of the British newspaper, The Guardian, has failed to maintain the depth and stimulation it originally promised, it does still offer the odd gem. I must get a copy of The Tango Singer.