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that we are stuck

This is worth reading through, if you want to get a take on racism and the debates on it in South Africa today.

For more on this story – the sadistic video made by four racist young men, all Afrikaner I think – go here. Someone said the story reminded them of the incident I reported in Mali a couple of years ago involving a North American diplomat among others. Both involve humiliation and exploitation, and force us to ask not simply why did the perpetrators do it but why did the perpetrated participate apparently so willingly? That does not mean to deny that clearly the guilty here are the perpetrators. And from what I understand, the video is symptomatic of institutionalised racism in Bloemfontein university. But I am interested in the relationship between attacker and attacked, persecutor and victim, violator and violated. Frantz Fanon is to whom I, for one, will return (as I always do).


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