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MC Kappa

So, we met. He’s young. Tall. Slim. Thoughtful. Clever. Gentle. What more could you want? And he’s brave. I’ve written to Stern’s music suggesting they sell his music. They should. People would buy it, and like it. It’s good. Good tunes, and good words. Really, very good. I’ve listened to the whole album, Nutrição Espiritual, and liked it all, but a few really stood out. The last bonus track – Duas faces da mesma moeda – is a brilliant argument about socialism and capitalism. One voice shouting out all the awfulness that has happened under socialism here, taking Castro down with him; the other voice shouting down the ghastliness of capitalism, the wild brutal greed. It’s quick, engaging and so bloody true. I’m sorry to bring things down, but I found myself giggling hysterically the second time I heard it, reflecting on a truly awful debate I heard in Cambridge (yes, the university) with students – did someone say they’re the *best* in the world? – discussing economics. It was appalling. Dreadful. Ignorant. Shameful. And here I am, in Luanda, listening to a young rapper, taking the ideologies to pieces, dissecting theory and fact superbly, quickly, swiftly and, heck, musically.

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